He Called It Off And It Hurt

First off I am very sorry that this happened to you.. I had something similar happen to me.. Back in 2009 i met a guy named Bobby. we fell inlove or so i thought, we got ingaged the nite before valentines day in 2010. things were amazing OR SO I THOUGHT.. he had trust issues but i ignored them.. he somethings dremt up stuff but i ignored that too.. i ignored the small signs,.. we had a wedding date set for august 21st 2010. Bought everything, invited people, had my dress, had the band, i even started listing my last name his last name.. one weekend he went outa town and i didnt go cuz my sister was having her baby so i stayed.. when he was outa town i heard my x boyfriend lance's grandpa died, so not thinking i called lances number but then stopped myself realizing i shouldnt be calling my x cuz it would cause problems between me and bobby.. so in my phone it was a 0 second phone call. i did NOT go thro with the phone call.. i didnt call my x at all., ijust wanted to say sorry for his loss but i didnt.. however bobby got home and went thro my phone and saw the 0 second phone call and dumped me on the spot.. one month before our wedding.. it was the worst thing i had ever went thro.. he moved out that very nite, got so krazey ,glass was everywhere , it was a mess. i couldnt even talk about it to anyone, had to tell everyone the wedding was off. i sent back the wedding dress cuz i couldnt even look at it. didnt get a refund on anything back for the planned wedding.. bobby just told me he needed some time to think about stuff. so one day he ran into lance and even asked him if i had ever cheated on him and lance said no bobby, SARAH LOVED YOU..........and then bobby and i got back together that october even tho it was past our wedding day.. then he a few days later dumped me again FOR NO reason sayin he needed some time.. so i went to new york and did modeling, came back and the *** HOLE says oh i have a girlfriend now i guess im an *******.. he was dating some nasty squint eyed ***** who had been just his friend the whole time........i felt a knife stab me.. i hate bobby with all my heart to this day..he continued to come over and see me and lead me on and play head games with me after that.. he even slept with me sayin he had just made that girl friiend up but i found out it was true.. it took me a year to get over him.. he hurt me beyond words.. i used to do anything and try anything to win him back .....but now after that was almost 2 years ago.hes still with the *****. i finally got over him. he claims hes been all devoted but he hasnt cuz he slept with me on and off.. i have learned so much thanks to bobby. i wish i could put his last name but hes such a freak hes probably goin to read this and im not goin to get myself a law suit for putting this on here.. i learned when a guy says a girl is just a friend and shes hangin around innocently, shes a scandelous ***** and just is waiting to make a move on ur man.. seriously this girl is UGLY and a whiney thing who has a wide pear ***.......not cute at all.. but whatever he lost me.. i was very depressed for a long time.. talked to councelors, posted for magazines, buried my head into modeling because that was the only thing i could do to get my mind off of how hurt i was.. i felt so ugly i couldnt eat. he hurt me soo much.. at one point i was 83 lbs.. i just hated my life.. i wanted to be with him so bad.. but now lookin back time really healed me.. i saw what an horrible person he really was.. and i met someone else this last august and hes not a drunk and trusts me.. we have the best relationship.. his name is andrew... and he proposed to me in february.. and we are getting married APril 7th 2012.. i look back and im mad at myself for taking so much time to heal over bobby.. i waited and waited for him to come back while he was moving on....i have learned dont waste ur time waiting for someone who isnt worth waiting for.. he can have that homely ***** he has with the long pear *** and awkward body and whiney voice.. he can soo have it lol.. i now deny knowing him.. i have changed my number and everything.. i havent called him or contacted him in a year and will never again.. i have learned never to let someone hurt me so much that never deserved me anyway.. he also made up a lie when we broke up the second time sayin he had brain tumor and lung cancer both and that he had 6 monthes to live.. THAT was a lie.. i cant explain enuf how much of any ugly person he really is..... he recently had his daughter message me on facebook sayin he was mad i talk bad about him or something on facebook,. which i DONT.. and then threatened to ruin my wedding.. RIGHT..him and his girlfriend are perfect for each other.. shes such a stalker shes tried adding meon my facebook three times.. and i blocked her.. iv moved on but have they?? i also have blonde haid and all she does is talk about how dumb i am?? seriously is that the only thing jealous ppl can say when someones blonde??i KNOQW Im prettier then her.. shes just so jealous shhe cant stand it.. lol wow i wish id never met bobby, better yet im so glad we arent together anymore, hes a lier and shes just a jealous fatty...all i know is he made a mistake cuz i woulda never hurt him.. and my boyfriend andrew is very lucky cuz i will forever and ever be devoted and love him till the day i die...after that last post tho, i often wondered if u could get insurance for your heart so the pain dont hurt so much when you get dumped.. sounds dumb, but bobby seriously BROKE ME APART..also if someone doesnt love you, they dont deserve you.. i shoulda just blocked his *** the nite he didnt believe me… respect yourself of no one else will
eventually you gotta stop waiting for someone whos never gonna come back.. i had my mom and my best friend brittany jas help me clean up the glass, i rehung the mirror and tried my hardest to put the house back into shape after he destroyed it with his drunk accusation.. he punched holes into my childrens bedroom door and i hung a poster infront of it so i wouldnt see it.. i eliminated those friends that would call me and tell me every time they saw him around town with another girl or heard something about him. i BLUNTLY DIDNT wanna talk about him.. his friends would try and talk to me and i would say I DONT wanna talk about him.. i painted my room girly pink and made my house look like NO one had just moved out of it.. i made new friends that DIDNT know him, stoppped goin to places that reminded me of him.. over time things healed........he wasnt worth ttryin to die over....you gotta eliminate everythng that reminds you of him.. also i called verizon and had them block me from callin him so that i wouldnt have temptations. if hes moving on , U Need to also,, tbut do it in a healthy way , dont go sleepin around.. i really weeded out alota ppl in my life at that dark point in my life and am glad....
willmansarah willmansarah
Apr 1, 2012