You Have Enriched My Life In So Many Ways!

It was around 3 am in the night an year ago....I was having great difficulties falling asleep,I was severely depressed .......probably crying since the evening,when I  decided to give the on line world a try.Before that night I never used internet for any other purpose other than gathering information or playing some games.That was my first experience of coming on line for social networking.
Since that night I have been to a few sites...some on a more regular basis some as and when I felt the need to.I had met many people from all over the world,developed friendships that I would cherish for long regardless of the fact whether I intereract with them daily or not.
And the best part is that I came across mostly the good people only,each of them left a sweet memory behind,which I will cherish forever.It was a great learning process for me,as I am not a very social person off line.
When I hear people constantly complaining about being deceived or hurt on line and coming across mean,indecent people many times, I trully feel thankful for not having any such experience yet.Whoever I had met irrespective of their genders were genuine people with real feelings. We shared many ups and downs of life...gave a shoulder to each other whenever there was the need.
Many of my sleepless nights and restless days were spent on line among the complete strangers(who later became very good friends) living thousand of miles away..........safely.I made friends,fell in love,developed crushes.......travelled through the complexity of human minds,it was indeed a great experience.
I felt loved,I overcame depression,I was alive in true sense............because of all these wonderfull people whom I made  friends with across the world on line.Today each one of them is special to me for different reasons,without having met them the journey of my life would have been incomplete.

Aliva Aliva
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Again I got no other option other than agreeing with you totally:)<br />
You have a beautiful mind...and you sound genuine,I am sure you will enrich many souls:)

I agree but...bad and hate are terms with so much definition and rigidity. I dont really see it like that here on EP. I'd prefer to say...indifferent. I don't hate the people that have abandoned me...rather they had other priorities and I wasn't one of them anymore. There are those who maliciously hurt and defame, there i agree with you.<br />
People at the hurting end of the spectrum sometimes give off negative vibes because they are in pain and often times are not able to channel the hurt constructively. <br />
Sometimes it just takes a little luck to see through the thorns to see the flower.

Hi Cynical1,you are most welcome:)<br />
Yes,there are so many good people in ep and other places as well.I completely agree with you ...with a little skill and a bit of luck we can always come across them.<br />
Another thing I believe is that bad people can't bear the positive vibes good people they disappear soon:)

Thank you for writing this story. Amidst the clutter of the internet I found my way here a bit the same way you did. I ahve had many good friends come and go. Some stay some turn. In the end i am glad i made it here as you. your story encourages me to remember that there are beautiful people hidden in these pages of EP and either by luck or a little skill paths cross. Thank you for reminding me there are still good people out there and that they still do care.

Thank you amitban7 for your encouraging words:) <br />
Yes,I think I have been lucky to have met so many wonderful people on line .........who I believe was there in my life for a reason...whether to teach me a valuable lesson of life or to show me a path or just by being there when I was alone....................................................................trully amazing!

Finding good people on net is bit of a luck and I think you are lucky on that.<br />
Cherish every moment of life and friends are for giving you shoulder when you are in need or depressed. Good friends in life acts as a value addition to the complexity of life.