Missing People..

Reading the old messages you sent me.. how cute we where.. 
all shy to talk to each other. we talked for hours on here and texting
when time went by we started getting feelings for each other.
telling us we would never leave we would always be by each others sides..
" i dont know what i would do without you" you said.. 
we got into a fight and just kinda faded away..
i worried about you so much..
is he still alive? is he ok? is he happy?
i texted you one night to see how you were doing.. i just said hey and asked if you were ok
i never told you who it was i just told you it was someone that cared and you said thanks then left.
i wanted us to talk for hours again /: catch up on anything new.
so much has happened.. and you werent there to help me through it.. i wish you were.
i came on here alone and im leaving alone..
if you read this i hope you smile or maybe contact me.. 
i really hope your ok.. 
ScottieIshAwesomexD ScottieIshAwesomexD
18-21, M
May 20, 2012