I Came Back To Ep After Deleting My Account

yeah ur totally right anon sucks! butttt! read this all of yeah,and i swear its true..

I had an ep account b4 and i never post my confessions anonymously,then i meet this gurl on ep and we startd like chatn and i told her i was single ... and we kinda used to av chat sex and all.. bt i didn't know she is my girlfriends friend , and she told my girlfriend all wat i said to her and all the confessions i made (about my gf on ep) and stuff..then my girlfriend got real pissed at me and broke up with me..but i apologized and we got back together again .so i deleted my old ep account and that is y my new account is named "imbackformore" cuz i ******* love ep! haha and still i dont post anonymously ! i mean **** them! i dont care who reads my confessions !

true story !
imbackformore imbackformore
18-21, M
1 Response Jul 25, 2010