I Survived

I remember all the wishes I made as a boy, like i wish my dad loved me, i wished my dad wasn't a alcoholic, i wished my dad didn't hit me
when he was in a bad mood, i wish my dad took me to a movie, i wish my dad took me fishing, i wish my dad helped me with homework, i wish my dad didn't scream at me all the time, I wish my dad would play with me sometimes, i wish my dad would take me to a baseball game, i wished my dad huged me sometimes. And my number one wish was i wished i was important to him.
Well i'm happy to report, that i granted everyone of those wishes to my wonderful children.
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Surviving through hardship is a blessing, learning from them to make your life and that of others around you is even better. KUDOS to you for having done that. (HUGS)

Thank you i hope other kids who also have it rough. realizes it doesn't have to be forever, you can create your own future............

Fantastic, heels!

These thoughts are all too familiar, as I went through the same hardships as a child. All children deserve a loving father like you!!

Beautiful,what can i say.im doing just the same with my kids.im there always.i protect.i care.i hug.i ask guestions.im evrything that my parents werent.i enjoy my kids so much.bless you.i wish you love!

Great post. Sounds like your awful childhood made you into the kind of person you are today. Amazing! Wishing you much love and happiness. :-)

you are awesome

What a nice comment, thank you very much.............Jay


Such a sad story with a wonderful ending,you are truly a wonderful father and that has to be admired and respected.

Garvan, thanks for taking the time to add your nice comment. Since being on this sight i've come to learn who the good people are, and your right up there at the top of my list of the ones i admire and respect the most.....Thanks.......Jay

As a parent myself, I am strongest by example. My kids did not come with owner's manuals. On top of that I was still growing up myself when Kids came. In hindsight, there are things that could have been done differently although I did the best I could with what I had at the time. So you have examples of parental behavor and the blessing of you own life where you can (an have) decided to do it better. The world is a better place for you!

you are a wonderful man

Thank you very much for your kind comments, I think we all are here for a purpose and mine was to break that terrible cycle. Looking back i hurt, but seeing my children made it all worth while.<br />
Thanks again..................................Jay

I'm sorry you experienced such pain. Girlwhimsical is right - no child ever deserves that. But it sounds like you have broken the cycle and your children will never have to understand what that's like. Good for you.