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I hate my dad. He is a horrible person who used to beat my mom, and abused me in every way he could. When I was a little kid, he would beat me in the head with a steel digging bar until I passed out then when I'd fall down I would wake up with him kicking me in the ribs and I could feel them breaking. He punched me in the face, boobs, and stomach all the time, and when he felt really mean he liked to throw me onto the floor, hold me down, and put his full weight on my belly so I'd **** myself. He always called me fat ugly and stupid, and he choked me sometimes. He would always threaten to kill my animals (he never did thank God), and he used to take away all of my clothes and not let me do laundry. I am so glad that useless *** face is out of my life.

This is posted in "I Hate My Dad" with the title "Miserable Heap of ****", as well.
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He taught me to hide it. Plus, he had me convinced he wasn't doing anything wrong.

I feel for you. Teachers should be taught to detect these things. He should have been reported on when you were a child. Why didn't anyone notice?

i feel for you. I hope he rots till he is 99yrs old.

@figmentofreality: I should be so lucky! Unfortunately he has not... However he is 60 years old with high-risk health conditions that he does not care for properly, so I doubt longevity in his case is very feasible. At least he is in prison.