I'll Give You Something To Cry About

I never really got in serious trouble. Just "normal" teenager stuff. Occasional back talk, but to be honest it was usually because I was trying to defend myself, not be rude. As a young kid/teenager I was overweight and my family let me know it. I was always called fat, ugly, and when my mother got mad she would always use as many cutdowns as possible, calling me a moose or a cow. My sibling called me any bad name you can think of, and my mother cussed me out on normal occasions, screaming at me, cursing at me, calling me terrible things. My father walked out when I was young, but her was physically abusive to my mother and an alcoholic. My mother has been in and out of physically and emotionally abusive relationships all whichbive witnessed first hand.

When my parents (mother and ex step father) physically "disciplining" it was a basic using the hand. When thee relationship started failing I swear it was like a game- find out what household item hurts the most. I've been beaten with wooden kitchen spoons, wet plastic kitchen spoons, hangers, extension cords, twirling batons, hands and fists. My mother often smacked me hard in the mouth, even in public, just for defending myself. My brother also hit me, not just like sibling fighting either. I always had bruises. When I was ten he rolled my head up in our car window, chokeing me and bruising me across my throat.

To this day I hate violence. I hate screaming.
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1 Response May 29, 2012

can see why you hate violence,screaming,have you found a way to get away from this abusive behaviour,and counciling could help if your still at school then the school councillor should help you!