Dad Is A Jerk. Self-pitying Loser.

I hate him.
It's pure hate at this point.

Just this afternoon my sister was at our house with her boyfriend and we were having Thanksgiving dinner (a day early), but my dad hates her BF. He views him as less of a person because he smokes and drinks and USED TO do pot. He has never put my sis in any kind of danger, he got her out of this hell hole and they're now prepping for their baby due in 6 months. Now, Cody (her bf) isn't perfect, of course, he's a bit of a compulsive liar (he feels bad about his upbringing and feels the need to lie to make himself more impressive/interesting.) but my sis has pretty much knocked that out of him.

The point is that my dad "accidentally" bumped into Cody today after dinner and said, "uh, sorry". And Cody just let it slide and ignored it. He did it on purpose, he has such an unreal hate for people who don't listen to him and do what he says.

This isn't the only **** he's done.

He told my sister to have an abortion and come back home. My sister left partially because of him! My sister has ALWAYS wanted a baby and my mom was surprised she didn't start crying when he said that.

Only the tip of the ice burg, but I figure shorter stories are easier to read.
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At first I thought you were writing a story about my dad! Geez, I can totally relate. My dad is the biggest ******* I have ever known. Sorry you have to deal with this. :(

Same to you. :(
I don't know if kids just expect too much these days or if parents really do suck the way I think they do.

woww thats sad your dads like that,,is he like that to you also ?


He "accidentally" dumped soda on me.
Pushed me into a chair when I wouldn't sit down when he told me to.
He's not physically abusive, but mentally and emotionally in the most severe way.

Well, now that I'm rereading this I should say he shoved him not bumped him.