My brother still denies it to this day.I know it was real the pain,the feeling of being unclean.For years I thought I was sick.Thats what my family had me believe.Your sick he would never do that quit telling lies.I wish it never happened.I wish I could be like everyone else.Sometimes I lay awake at night thinking about all that happened to me.I try to figure out a reason and excuse for what he did yo me.I just hope one day it will all come back to him.I want to live.
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that happens in so many toxic familys they blame the child for the abuse ,they enable the abuser to keep on abusing .its sad you didnt have anyone to stand up for you. ive been inthe same place i was blamed for being rapped by an adult . hugggs i am so sorry for what you have been threw .

I feel for you. I was doubted too. Still I know I have been raped. I am in therapy for my abuse issues. If you feel you are strong enough to even tell someone you have been abused and it affects you, I would recommend giving therapy a try. EP can be therapeutic in some ways as well, but I find therapy to be somewhat more effective. Stay strong. It took fortitude simply to share what you did. You are not alone.

so many like us the abused children grow into broken adults ,we as young children broken by those who enable the abusers to keep on going . its wrong they all need to be counted standing up for the children that were abused! thats why as a adult that has been threw the smae and the abuse speak out about the dammage this does to all of us. this will never get any better till we as people see that children have a soul that shouldnt be broken. <3

My heart goes out to you, I know how you feel. Ive blocked a lot of what happened to me when I was a kid, some things I remember. And it sucks now becouse Im scared to be in a relationship becouse of this ******* that thinks hes my 'father'. Its so hard to break out of that box I feel like has me trapped becouse of the past. I am slowly learning to let go though, if you ever truly can. I wish you the best!

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