Stranger Cat Found Mauled In My Livingroom!

  I am totally bummed. Today, when my husband and I returned from one night out....we returned to a livingroom with blood all over the floor and a giant Tabby long-hair cat mauled. 

My dog killed the cat.  We own 7 cats already.  4 of them are rescued from a TERRIBLE house down the street.

Anyway, this kitty that was killed was so beautiful and I was crying when I saw her.  My dog is very protective of her own cats and this long hair kitty that comes in the cat door tries/tried to fight my own cats.  IN MY House!!! 

I am just so sad, though, that my dog killed it.  It was someone's pet.  Someone loved that cat most likely.  It was a big healthy cat.

I'm still haunted by that cat's death.   I hope it didn't suffer too bad.  I don't know when I''ll get over seeing how that cat suffered.

moterpooter moterpooter
Mar 16, 2009