The Pleasure Of Crossdressing And ************

I love full nylon is my favorite color.Slipping the panties up my legs gets me hard already.I also love to wear an open bottom girdle an underwire bra ,stockings and a full nylon slip.The open bottom girdle has a side zipper and 6 garters.I love the feeling of the firm support and the excitement of hooking the garters to my silky stockings.With the open bottom girdle I can still rub my penis while enjoying all the wonderful lingerie and foundations caressing my body.I look at myself in the mirror admiring all these beautiful feminine garments.The full slip completes the total feminine image.I slowly rub myself all over my body enjoying the wonderful eroctic sensations.I begin to rub my penis in my sissy pink panties.Slowly i feel my penis get harder and harder.I rub my legs and my girdle and feel the bra and silky slip.I am getting so excited.I continue to rub my panties and my penis is getting harder and harder.I want to wait because I am enjoying this moment so I let myself rest and rub my legs again feeling the girdle and rub my breast through my bra.Wow what a lovely way to pleasure myself.Finally I can wait no longer as I stoke my penis harder in my pink panties as I feel the ***** building.I then explode with a rush and get so excited I begin to moan with pleasure.The ***** fulls my pink panties and I know nothing could be better in life than the pleasure of crossdressing and ******* off fully dressed in my lovely lingerie
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3 Responses Feb 16, 2011

You describe this so well.

I know how you feel - wearing panties is a great feeling.

WE share that wonderful feeling of stroking our penis is these wonderful feminine garments.The rush of my ***** cuming in my panties is pure ecstasy

There is nothing like ******* in silky panties! I had to be very careful with Mom's as I would put them back in her drawer when I was done with them. I feared ******* in them (when I got old enough) and hiding them in the hamper was too risky. I finally came all over a pair of hers at 19 and never stopped.

I like your desc<x>ription, I have been doing similar things for years, it is great fun.<br />
I love wearing SILK FRENCH KNICKERS matching CAMISOLE and SILK STOCKINGS hold ups.<br />
The feeling of silky material on my thighs,buttocks and legs makes me feel very sexy and horny