My Favorite Thing, Walk Around With Sticky Panties

I love to *** in my panties. I do everyday. I have gooey, sticky panties on now. My wife makes me lick them clean before can wash them.
I'm worthless as a sex provider with my tiny ****. So I ********** a lot and play with myself.
Does anyone else lick panties clean?
drl1953 drl1953
56-60, M
3 Responses Mar 23, 2011

I love to lick my panties clean after I get too excited and make creamies in them!

It's great, isn't it.?

I *** in my panties it feels so good having that hot *** up against my **** all day. But I enjoy my *** fresh when am tasting it.

I have what is termed a normal size ****, but what is normal nowadays.<br />
It is 6" when erect and I love wearing SILK FRENCH KNICKERS and getting excited in them.