It took a whole day for my mom to start telling me I was going to hell.

Immediately after I told her, she gave me a hug, told me she loved me, and told me to read the bible, crying the whole time.

But the very next day she starts texting me and tells me this decision will send me to hell.

Petrucio Petrucio
1 Response Aug 25, 2014

Just give her time. Maybe she will learn to accept you as you are.

I don't even blame her, I have the same feelings/fears that she does.

Just confusing.

It's something both of you will have to work through and discover. Nobody can change who you are, and I hope she understands that. It's hard to reconcile what you've always been taught in religion versus what you feel is right. Your mother feels it's wrong and was taught it is wrong. It will take her far longer to comprehend that some people are just made differently. As long as you know you are perfect as you are, that's all that matters. Because you are perfect as you are!