So i accidentally came out to my mum this morning :/ ... I guess she took it ok. She was a bit startled, but she was ok with it..
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When I came out to my wife, it was me that was startled. She was all for me not only wearing bras and panties, but taking hormones to promote breast growth. Years later I have a nice set of *******, and wear a bra and panties all the time.

Hooray for acceptance.

Havent told my step dad.. Hes less accepting of homosexuality and bisexuality.. I prolly wont mention it

Yeah, that'd probably be best. When my friend accidentally outed me as an atheist, half my family was "ok" with it, the other half, not so much.

yeah, lots of people at school are like, ew, theres that atheist girl. i just laugh. people are silly; im going to do what makes me happy no matter what. but, id just rather it not be awkward between my ded and i, ya know? and leave for college in a year anyway

You'll have fun in college

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