I Finally Did It!!

Well as the title reads though I wish I could think of a more eloquent way to say these words, since I can't then I can only say...I CAME OUT!!

Well, not to everyone, but just to most of my close friends. It's actually a big burden that has been lifted from my shoulders, I feel...much happier!
The amazing part is, I learned that three of the first four friends I told were BI them selves! So far every one has taken it very very well, not loosing any friends, in-fact, quite the opposite! This is making our friendships stronger and truer, this is partly by design. The people remaining are my parents and what not but frankly, I am not sure it really matters if they know.

Nothing about my friends is going to change, I learned about their feelings before I told them so I was able to tell them without the shock (not with any lying). I basically told them in the way that I have the feelings, not in the way that it should be a big deal to them.

I feel sooooo happy now!! I've not stopped smiling since I told everyone..hehe!! It's like a crazy fun side is allowed to show with out worry, I don't need McDonnald's to say the words: "I'M LOVIN IT!"

So I hope coming out for others is as good as it has been for me, I think it's more about presentation on how the end results play out.

So yes, I am Gay, only considered BI because I did marry a girl years ago who has been very understanding of me, I was not to terms with my self back then.
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Same here........gay ...........married.........never came to terms with my being gay. No my life is never to change. In 57. Back in the 60's 70's your'd get beaten, ostricized, etc. I'm from a small midwest town. Small being 1200 people. Not much chance in finding support when your graduating class is 85 kids!
Are you still married? If so how is that going?

I am still married, I decided to love money more than my attractions, it's much easier than way and certainly more fun. I came from a tiny town as well. Luckily I started out in the 80's, by the time I understood my self people were a lot more accepting. Frankly, coming to terms with your attractions is not a requirement to act on them.

thanks. do u act on yours gay desires? does ur wife know you do? did she know u were gay/bi b4 marriage? kids? where u live now? Question s questions questions. ....

I have a few times, it's not brought me anything more than temporary physical satisfaction really. For me however, my gay, though can be very physical, is primarily emotional. My wife has known about me for a very long time though, she did not really know before marriage; in fairness, when we got married I did not understand yet either. I have no kids, neither my wife or I want to have kids. We are still married and we still live together. She my not be male but her level of loyalty and understanding is unmatched from any gender. In home, though our physical relationship is very lacking, our friendship side of the marriage thrives strongly.

Since we talked about this nearly a year ago, I want to say you've made me smile today.

Well you just made me smile too!

Woohoo. Nice job. I applaud you

Thank you, you very sweet. :)

congratulation!!! wow u finally did that! happy for u ^ ^

Thanks man!

I am so happy for you. The first person I officially came out to was myself. Then my wife. Then my family (not my kids yet). I had never experienced such inner piece as when I felt that I no longer needed to hide. Next it is my kids and then I know I will be able to move on.

It really is a great feeling to lift such a burden from your shoulders, I am very happy for you that peace and love now burrows it's way to the center of your heart.