The Long And Tricky Struggle

I came out about 2 months ago to my straight best friend, Matt. He was surprisingly supportive and gave me the confidence to tell everyone. I began by telling a Bisexual girl at school. I promised myself if anyone questioned my sexuality I would answer them honestly, and not keep anything secret.

I had know I was gay, roughly two years before I had the courage to tell anyone, But looking back at my childhood. I have had numerous gay experiences with my older brother (7 Years Older). I never really understood why I enjoyed experimenting with my brother.

Anyways, my main fear of coming out was ruining my friendships. But I can honestly say that coming out as gay has not been detrimental to any of my friendships that I truly care about. Everyone has been incredibly supportive. Anyone who has had any horrible words to say to me has either kept their objections quiet, or been "Dealt With" by the many people who support me.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

its always tricky to come out, it was for me. But what you said in the last part is true, you will find support and your real friends will stay with you. Always remember that, I will support you bud!