Doma Tears Families Apart

I am a lesbian , I have been with my life partner for 11 years , we infact got married once the law in our country was changed to allow it - we have a son who is 10 years old ( my biological son) - our home country is rapidly heading for civil war/genocide- thus we started looking at ways of getting out of here - we would like to go to the US as we have family there - we also entered the DV lottery - my wife got picked - I did not - if we were a straight family we would all be allowed to go - but as things stand now she will be leaving without us, ( she has to go -because at very least if I see that the paw paw is about to hit the fan I can get my son on a plane and he will be safe with her)- it is breaking all our hearts; we are a family - just as much as anybody else is a family - so please if there is anybody that can help me get a green card job or any other suggestions on how my child and I can get in so we can all be together - please let me know.
We are both hard working ,honest members of society - I am not looking for a handout - just a chance - please !
Anniegetur Anniegetur
36-40, F
Sep 12, 2012