Mirror, Mirror ...

I have been looking for my self for years. I found myself a long time ago and then proceeded to 'bury' myself to live as society expected. Over the years I suppressed many things but around my 40th birthday I had an epiphany. I was who I always knew I was and it was alright to show myself.

So ever so slowly I began to surface and let my feelings show, my feminine side. Show in all but physical attributes and clothing. My mannerism, how I sit and carry myself and some emotion reactions speak volumes ... that she is alive and well inside me.

At some point when all my children are grown and "out of the nest" I will begin a process that I pray will ultimately bring me into being as I always should have been.

I came here looking for myself and realized that I always knew myself. Speaking with friends her helps me in that process. Like a caterpillar that eventually comes out of a cocoon a beautiful butterfly.



Josie06 Josie06
56-60, F
3 Responses Jul 16, 2008

Don't sell yourself short Josie there are alot of us here that know just how beautiful you already are.

hanks lotstogive. I hope a beautiful butterfly does come out of this cocoon.

And what a beautiful butterfly you are!