Insanity Is Bliss...

We've... I've... had a screwed up life. People that arent me are me. I am who they are not. Conflict is inevitable. My name is Dylan. I used to try and escape myself. Escape them. Ive had so many unnecessary issues for years. Theyve been my fault being unable to accept my fate. For a while, I was gone. I was able to think while those I hated kept me alive. My mind wandered past the boundaries of life, of perception, of death... i doubt anyone might understand. Anyway I thought, why run? I ran from insanity, from abnormality, when such things became my home anyway in the end. I starved myself of happiness... of bliss... then experienced their terror. Normalcy is an illusion. I understand that now. The others have managed to forgive me for what I have done and I can never thank them enough. Selfish old me is gone. I must share myself with myself. Embrace what I once thought insanity. Insanity is the new normalcy, and for once we are happy. A nutcase lives another day. A warrior lays down his arms and bears his scars with pride. I may never be the same, but I am better now than I ever was.
Thefleet Thefleet
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