When I started doing all the me to's I didn't really know what I was doing. I accidentally stumbled on this website because I googled Larned. I googled Larned because I was watching a thing on abandoned buildings and ghost towns and one was an insane asylum, which brought me to lobotomies and so on and so forth. So I ended up here because one of the stories was I've been in a Mental Hospital, which happened to be Larned. I'm kinda sorta starting to get it... So this is like... Essentially a place to vent a bit? I added stories to random stuff because I felt the need to fill in some blanks because you know... I just did... And now I realize some of it was with trivial crap because I'm a newbie and such... I'll be sure to fill in the rest of the stuff with thoughts of actual substance. Hehehehehe.
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Not sure how I came to EP. But I'm glad I did. It is a nice feeling to get positive advice rather than judgemental advice. Which,lets be honest, is what most people give!

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I actually stumbled upon this site by accident also, truthfully I'm glad that I did because I see that some people go through similar problems as I am and that I want to be the first to give them an advise or just to be there for them.

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