******* While Being Spanked

I had a girlfriend with whom I had a domestic discipline relationship. Anytime I pissed her off, she could spank me. Once she figured out that that's what I was into, I was always getting into enough trouble so that she'd have to spank me, often times a few times a day. A few times, she had me over her knee and would place my **** in between her legs while she whaled away on my behind, releasing Mr. Happy when she sensed I was getting ready to ***, then putting her legs together when I'd calmed down. She'd laugh sometimes if I came, because she knew that it would hurt worse after I'd ***. Other times, she's get extremely pissed because I'd "leaked" on her leg, which would lead to more punishment.

Once, though, she was really pissed off, had me standing next to the bed, bent over at the waist with nothing touching my **** at all. She took a ruler and started reddening my ***. After about two minutes of this, she stopped. I could now feel something wet on the tip of my ****...and I was oozing ***. She grabbed my underwear and placed it under my oozing **** and started spanking again. The more she spanked, the more came out. "All right," she said, "I'm gonna spank the *** right out of you!" And she continued spanking until no more came out. Then she reached out, grabbed my **** and stroked me while she spanked until I was hard again, then we had wild sex.

We only dated a few more months until she moved to South Carolina. I wonder if she's doing the same thing to her husband.
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2011

going to get the switch very soon in the diaper postion! i will probally *** all over myself! and get a harder beating ! any body got any advice? to stop me losing control? as i dont want a harder whipping!

IF i *** again during a punishment spanking with the hairbrush bare bottom over her knee which i do often! i have been told i will get hard strokes with the switch! that warning should teach me control!<br />
let u know if it doesent! and if so will describe my switching! if i can sit down to type it!!!!!!

As a teen I'd fantasize about getting my bottom tanned and always felt it would be much harder punishment if I got it just after *******.