For a Good Cause ...

Feeling hurt is a frame of mind everyone can relate to.  It's an emotion that can bring out the best and the worst in all of us.  It's our choice :)  To look past your own feelings is hard when you've been roughed up by inconsiderates ...  but can help it go away quicker by understanding another's benefit ...

gottaBhappy gottaBhappy
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4 Responses Mar 8, 2009

I will always accept the 'moral' ... every conclusion has moved me forward, good or not :) ... You are a very long-suffering lady, that can obviously relate to my apparently-chosen choice to keep my reason and my mind ... a friend has set me straight where I was going wrong :) ... I'm working to progress as well, so take pride in the good you have done to yourself, even though they might not have deserved your consideration ... but considering those around ... you did your best :)<br />
Thanks for thinking kindly of me :) Love you Jean :) Lorne xoxo

i learned from reading alot to my girls when they were toddling, that last line at the end of stories... moral of the story. with every (hurtful) experience, i searched for the 'moral of the story', where is my lesson... <br />
having said that, there was a period of time when i felt so fearful and sorrowful, waiting for bad things to happen every evening and if it didnt, i knew it's coming... when? soon? what would it be? carefully i live my life, painfully, i grew strong... because i made my choice, because i want the best of me, bacause i read somewhere that happiness is a way of mind and i want that. of course i am vulnerable, i am human after all.. writing this comment reminds me all over again.. no one can rob my thoughts. no one can rob my mind.<br />
gottaB, thanks for being a friend to me and to many EPers, you gottaBhappy yourself ya... :)

Biting the bullet for a friend who's seen her fair share of hurt is all I could do to buffer her fragile feelings. I don't know why she just can't be content when things are going okay. It's like she can't handle being happy ... <br />
I'm over it now, but won't have much to do with her as a result .... maybe she'll realize one day, but I doubt it ...

I don't think you should have to be hurt in the first place, EVER! Even if you rationalize it as being to someone's benefit.<br />
I'm sorry your hurt and I hope your heart heals fast.