It Is Part of Life

 I have learned to accept being hurt as a part of life and something I can learn from. Most of the things in my life that hurt the most ended up teaching me that it was better and a way to gain something more in other ways. 

My parents have caused me the most pain and also taught me the most in my life. It is better to take your time and be alone in your life then to be with someone because you are afraid to be alone. Being alone and focusing on things that are important to you and those around you doesn't have to be something bad it can be a great inspiration to yourself and others that it's ok to wait for someone you love and that loves you.

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2 Responses Mar 16, 2009

So true ,many people rush into thing they are not ready for out of fear of being alone . Worst yet they force other into relationship the other don't want or need . The results always end in hurt , anger and disillusion in the opposite sex .<br />
When you do find yourself , take the time to enjoy your very being . Don't let other gaslight you into a relation that has no benefit to you . Your no hero so don't confuses yourself into being a savior of their souls .

Sorry man, i completely disagree.<br />
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I think being alone is the worst thing that could ever happen to you.