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Running In Quicksand.

I am thankful that everyone doesn't think like me. If they did, we would probably still be living in caves or trees.

Even though I can't picture myself being particularly comfortable living in a cave or a tree, I am concerned by the relentless 'advance' of civilization.
heavyduty1 heavyduty1 66-70, M 1 Response Jul 22, 2010

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Please elaborate your story a bit. ;-)


I am thankful that life involves change and that change is constant. I am likewise pleased, however, that I was raised before and during the early days of television, when the few hours of gazing at ‘the box’ were regulated by our parents and we boys continued to spend most of our daytime hours outside. I am also seriously concerned that as this fascination with hand-held electronic devices grows, our opportunities for face to face communication will decline, and our verbal skills, then our vocal equipment, will atrophy.

I'm a tad bit younger than you but played outside with my siblings and friends because there wasn't a children's programme as nowadays.
I agree with the latter. It's a sad development.