I love cooking and I seriously would rather cook than go out to eat. At least I know how my food is being handled and exactly what I'm eating. It's way better and healthier so I suggest everyone should do it! It's time consuming but there are plenty of easy and fast recipes.

When I was younger I use to always eat out and now I rarely do. I've learned so much about the food we eat today. You can't even tell what's in our cheeseburger now a days! Ridiculous! They've put so much garbage in our food including the food you buy at the grocery store. Fast food is disgusting. It taste "good" but I think once you find out the ingredients and what it can do to your health, is it really worth it? Not for me!

And find out if it's really benefiting your health.
PepperX PepperX
26-30, F
Jul 15, 2014