Give Me the Beat Boys and Free My Soul.

I can usually hide my emotions pretty well, but if I listen to music with my friends around they can really tell what mood I'm actually in.

Like most people I can really relate to the music that is in this world today, Eminem really helps me I've been listening to him since I can remember. Billy Joel most of my friends don't appreciate the oldies like that, but his songs really touch me as well. Those two artist I do believe are my favorites.

Also there are others, of course but, I can always, always find the perfect song to fit my mood and sometimes when I can't really describe how I'm feeling I just tell them to listen to the song, sometimes my friends or my boyfriend don't like the song but since most people don't pay attention to me it really helps when I get to listen to it.

I suppose that's how it is for a lot of people.

queenisabella queenisabella
18-21, F
Mar 21, 2009