21st January 2013

I'm on self destruct and no one can see it.
I'm the girl that is always smiling, always having a laugh and never complains. I'm the girl you jokingly call a ***** and you can tell anything to, because you know I won't judge and you know i'm never going to tell anyone. Because who would I tell? 
But behind the screens, I'm the girl that over thinks. I am outgoing and positive for sure, but not when it comes to appearance or if i'm enough for somebody.. I mean how could someone seriously..
People are there to use and abuse you, take advantage of your nature and then when you need someone to rely on, there's thin air.
Ask anyone that knows me, whether its family or friends,   ''what's the most personal thing you know about her?''  not a single one of them would answer anything personal, why? because they don't think to ask. I mean what's the biggest problem a girl that always smiles and makes jokes can have? her cheeks hurt? yea I thought so.

TeenageBinky TeenageBinky
18-21, F
Jan 21, 2013