Ohhhhh Yeah!!

Am I good at it?  Do I care?   No, not anymore but I used to.  Very much, in fact.   Last year I cut my hair to within an inch all around. ( I usually have short/medium layers all around.) I wanted to be free from the encumberance of 'good hair days vs bad hair days' affecting my mood.  I needed to be free of that ego trap.   It worked!  I  didn't care, but people who know me gasped!!!  "What did you do to your hair?"  I simply answered, "I cut it."  Oh my gosh, the wide-eyed looks of acquaintances and almost sympathetic stares of strangers.  I found it a  liberating and therapeutic experience.  Believe me, many women are hung up on their hair and I was one of them.  Not any more.  It's only hair.  It grows back.   Currently, it's short and I trim it often.  Try it if you haven't.   

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1 Response Mar 13, 2010

How nice to be free. How short is it now?