Yeah, Keep It Simple

 Any question requiring a true or false is fine. Multiple choice : A ..B. C, all of the above , gives me a headache. If you are a perfectionist like myself, making  my choice  is just a lesson in mind control. Totally hate them !

wiseowl wiseowl
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5 Responses Aug 13, 2008

I find that sloppy people call tidy people perfectionist! I say we have high standards. My way isn't the only way to make something "right". I don't bug anyone on the how..I do look at the results and I like mine better, usually. that can't be a good sign! Yep, perfectionist. I never say I like my style better , as I may hurt someone's feelings. They don't care anyway so I kick it to the curb.

I feel the same way PDD. I wrote this in August. I have changed, relaxed actually, a great deal. I forgot about this little story. In hind sight..trying harder and getting task done perfectly, is now no big deal. As long as my home is clean, I'm fine. I don't sweat the small feels good too.

I used to try to be a perfectionist!! One day I said to myself...Why try anymore?? I'm ok with my imperfect ways and love watching the dust grow on the coffee table! LOL

The bewildered came from work..students with behavior problems and I'm always wondering what MORE I can do for them. We Owls get it in the long run! I took some courses and had to do multiple choice till my brain felt fried. Every time I did the , C ALL OF THE ABOVE..I'd think it over, over..UGH. Like a dog chasing it's tail. I hate test anyway. I feel sorry for students who do it so many times a week..yuck.

Hi. owlie, is this why you are bewildered? Or is it because owls always look bewildered like they're wondering why everyone calls them wise when they don't understand why they're wise....<br />
I like multiple choice because it gives me a chance to get it right. I quite often don't know an answer to something unless I see it written down!! Also, true and false seems so final, like why can't you answer maybe or sometimes to a question.... hmmm