Can Anyone Interpert My Dream It's Complicated

I'll try to make this as short as possible, but there a many layers to my dream/experience so it will be difficult. ;) I'm hoping that some outside input will shed some light on it. I'll begin by saying that I have felt a strong connection with Isis for a very long time, but have struggled with this feeling for just as long, Part of my struggles with the belief in Isis or any diety is logical and part is spiritual (i grew up with a strong christian upbringing). I have recently started learning runes (very recently (: ) and decided to ask them about my dilema. For the first time out loud I spoke to Isis. I asked many questions and the runes spoke of signs and spiritual enlightenment. I felt an intense peace for the rest of the day and that night I had a dream. In my dream I had drove to a crossroads.This crossroads was different than what you would consider a "normal" crossroads though. Imagine a dirt alley with houses to the right, first. Then imagine to the left is another dirt road that leads into a field. There was a small weathered wooden table in the corner with some papers on it. I went to the table and picked them up. I was amazed that they were still there after all this time. I was only able to get a glimpse of one of them ( it was a tiny paragraph about my daughter's good qualities) before my 4 year old son got my attention. He had wondered into someones's backyard and let out someone's horses. I wasn't angry though. I put down the papers and went to him saying, "Oh man Xander, I told you not to go into other peoples' yards." When I was almost to him three horses galloped fast past me. The first was a deep brown color and was strong, shiny, and beautiful. The second was just as strong, but it was grey with black spotts. The third was very tiny (about as small as a meduim to smaller dog). It was brown too, but looked frail and sickly. It's tail was also missing patches of hair and it didn't move past me. When I looked at it, it's eyes were big and happy to see me. It was like it knew me. It looked at me like we were old friends and was glad I was there to care for it, like it had been waiting a very long time just for me. I woke up after this and remembered a dream I had about 3 years ago (I had forgotten it until this one). In the other dream I was at the same crossroads, but there were three ways to go not two. And in the other dream I felt lost, confused, and stressed. The papers I found neatly placed on an end table were there too, but in this dream they were being blown around by a strong wind and I was struggling to gather them. In my latest dream there was no wind, only calm and I felt very peaceful. So you see now why I have been struggling with this? Sorry it was so long, but to those with the patience to read all of this I would very much like your input! Thanks! P.S. I don't think I've left anything out, but feel free to ask questions. :)
sybilessence sybilessence
26-30, F
May 20, 2012