I Just Have My Moments

i just have moments where i don't feel like talking. like some people don't answer the phone when they don't feel like it well i even go as far as to not acknowledge people when i don't feel like talking. i don't really intentionally do it. it's just as if my mind just shuts off and I'm just in my own little world and i don't even really realize that they had said something to me. my mom gets so angry at me cause she says its rude. which i can see where she is coming from but i don't mean to do it. or sometimes when I'm real quiet and just taking things in and just listening to conversation and then suddenly someone asks me a question its like i hear it and in my mind i answer them and like i think the answer but of course because you cant hear what people think all they see is me staring into space.

needhelpconfused needhelpconfused
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 9, 2010

yep, we suffer the same thing.. ..but i don't get a lot of chances with regards to not answering back.. :S <br />
i always felt like im hurting someone that way.. ..but you doing that towards me.. ..i'd understand even if i don't know your reasons, .. <br />
..of course.. not without waiting some time and asking you again :]