Silence Is Golden?..

I remember that i was a really talkative one when i was a kid but as i grew up,I became more and more silent and learned to listen more than talk. I have always had my quiet time of contemplation to help me out when i need a new idea or when i'm simply feeling down. Of course that gives away the impression that I'm quite reserved and makes it kinda hard to approach or read me sometimes. It isn't my favorite part to see that happen. I feel and i empathize with others a lot but my quiet nature doesn't let it show making people think otherwise. They say a picture is worth a thousand words and i learned the action is worth more than words and i try to make up with my actions though. There is no guarantee sometimes have to say. That's the downside i guess of living in a world where quiet contemplation isn't exactly an in-thing. Is it an habit i want to change?yes atleast a bit but being the quiet one has it's advantages too. Still being so makes me feel a bit alien,I have to confess in this extroverted times.

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Thank you so much D,I think we underestimate and under use our ability to contemplate in today's world.It's really unfortunate.Thank you so much for your comment and also for agreeing with at point of view :)

Thank you so much Sweetie....I hope i won't but i know there are times when it just won't do too yes?..Nevertheless i know and believe that what i acquired is really a good thing...

No scribbles.. you are not alien ... there are many that say too much of nothing .... quiet contemplation and deep thought are worth so much more than an abundance of shallow , empty words that mean nothing or worst that cut and hurt others.....<br />
You are just wonderful the way you are dont ever think of changing *hugs *