Its Like Going To An Art Gallery

To me when you see something that catches your eyes there should be no boundaries.
Its like going to an art gallery where you see subjects of all kinds.
This is how I view everything in life including women.

I was sitting in my car one day waiting for my daughter to finish school with my bf at the time.
And there was a young girl that walked by.
As she walked by I said out loud oh my goodness she looks like a living Snow White.
She was absolutely stunning.
Rich black hair with a natural blue hue to it that waved around her pure white porcelain skin.
A cherry mouth and a sleek build. 
I was starring at her in awe of her beauty and her grace.

My bf of the time looks at me strangely.
I looked at him and said," Come on look at her you can't tell me she's not gorgeous.
Geesh I am not going to kill you for agreeing."
That girl is going to break a lot of hearts.
I don't think there is nothing wrong with appreciating a beautiful girl when you see one.
It's like going to an art gallery!!
snowberry75 snowberry75
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5 Responses Jun 27, 2011

Agreed and sometimes where we least expect it.

Agreed but beauty is also in the eye of the beholder. :-)


LMAO I think thats pretty common to be honest but I initiated this one. At the same time I wouldn't freak out unless they were perverted comments.