I Did The Unthinkable And I Loved It!

when i was in college i had a male "friend" he tried to play that role of i care about whats inside your heart to get me into bed and it was more than obvious. so i confronted him about it and told him not to mess with me but he insisted so i told him one day he'll fall into his own trap. about a month passed and he still didnt stop so me and my best friend decided to teach him a lesson. to make a long story short i told him i wanted to sleep with him and took him to a local hotel. he paid for four hours and he bought condoms and was very excited i told him he has to do it my way or forget everything. he ofcourse said what ever you want. so i ******** him naked and tied him to the bed with his own shoe laces without taking any of my clothes off. then i took out a camera and took pictures of him when he realized what i was doing he started appologizing and crying like a *****! so i grabbed his cell phone and called his house. his mom answered and i told her to come pick up her son and without further explaination gave her the address. then i took his clothes and left. the next day everyone he knew in college saw the pics and heard the story. he never showed his face after that.

that should teach him not to mess with a girl again !

JazzY25 JazzY25
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1 Response Dec 17, 2006

You go girl!!! I wish I could think of things like that to do to the people who have f*****with me!!!