I Guess.

I am a pretty quite person, except with family and a friend. But, despite this, I make friends pretty easy. As a friend, you can trust me with anything. Usually, that is why people become my friend in the first place. People can tell, if they have no preconcieved ideas based on race, that I can be trusted and usually start trusting me immediately.

Out of these friends, I become pretty fond of one person...always one other. I have had a handfull of these, but never more then one at a time. I do not know what it is about these, since they are never the same type of people. Some are violent, some are quite, some are VERY outgoing...seriously I have no idea what makes me want these people. It's completely random...so random that I don't think that any of these people would like each other at all.

I will do almost anything that they ask, and they are always in my thoughts. I guess you can say that I love them with absolute loyalty. With them, I am always compassionate and they can come to me for anything they want.

That is why there is always only one. Because of this, I can become jealous at times. I never tell them any of this though, because I am no idiot...I will not be taken advantaged of, but eventually they find out. If you hurt this person, then you might want to watch out for me. With my love, comes my defense...no one will touch you. If they do, then they will feel the bite of the snake, an enemy that they do not see comming. I do not know why, but it makes me very angry if you mess with or hurt this person...much angrier then if you mess with or hurt me. Heck, this is the only time that people will see the darker me.

Usually, this bond is with another guy, but I am not gay...or even bisexual. It is only because most girls are super careful around guys, and are very suspicious of any guy who tries to talk to them. I SWEAR girls think that all us guys got different agendas then what we present them. But, despite this, it has happened. They seem to be amazed that I can be so close to them but want nothing more...once she is in this category, there is no possibility of sexual attraction. I have ran into a jealous bf of one of these girls once...at first, he did not want me around and was very confrontational...then he considered me his best friend.

Soooo, ya...dunno if it is wierd or not...but that's the kinda friend i can be.

Oh ya, If that person has a group of friends, they become my best friends over time. It's funny, because, they all seem to try and teach me sometimes...or protect me...and confide in me.

Icansee Icansee
18-21, M
Jul 23, 2010