A Crazy Moment By Trulysad

One of my most crazy moments doesnt sound positive but i can assure you when i look back a smile comes to my face and i realize just how strong i am.

After my foster brother had abused me, i kept asking myself, why did he do it? So one morning about a year after he had done it he was sitting in the kitchen and i went and sat next to him. I could see he felt uncomfortable but i had to see what he would say. I asked "why did you do that to me" he looked at me in shock and called out for my foster mum. He told her i was freaking him out and to get me away from him.

It may seem crazy to you and i may not of got the answer but i felt so much better just asking and making him feel alittle snippet of how i felt inside for so long.

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1 Response Oct 17, 2009

I am so sorry , I think maybe you felt better because you faced the source of your abuse , You had control over that situation and showed yourself and him that you had courage . I wish you peace darling , thank you for sharing this *hugs*