Not Clinically Insane,

just missing a bolt or two.


I wish I have a t-shirt that says: "Warning! May Contain Traces of Nuts!"

But in any case I don't consider myself a wild kinda person - just a little offbeat under the cool, diffident exterior. Which I guess is the reason why it throws some people off because they expect a bookish, soft-spoken girl to be... serious? Srsly?


But I guess it's good that weirdness tends to swarm together like crows to carrion.

It's more fun to dance in the rain together than alone.

It's funnier having a group of friends carrying milk bottles to school (and using them) than doing so alone.

And discussing zombie apocalypse as a horde is much more hilarious!


Blame my friends for infecting me with their crazy germs. I think I got it when a friend viciously bit me on the shoulder, dammit.

When left to my own devise I'm comparatively normal!


Okay, not really - a collection of doll heads isn't exactly 'normal' - in fact, it is slightly creepy.

And I only just realized not everybody have seen or even heard of titles like Pulp Fiction, Fight Club or Tekkonkinkreet before.

And what do you mean, eating raw prawns and salmon is weird?



And I feel like the only one my age who don't Facebook or Twitter or Myspace. But you know what they say:



I want to find more people who don't go 'huh?' when I say '1984', watch documentaries excessively, and can hold their own in discussions of ethical issues such as human cloning, death sentences, and euthanasia. But I guess I can settle for people who have irrational fears of strawberries, love hiding under desks, tasted their own ear wax to find out its taste, or have developed their own secret cypher for fun.

It's the crazy little moments that makes life fun. Without them I think I would have really gone insane.

lackadaisuki lackadaisuki
18-21, F
Mar 10, 2010