Say Wha-? Youre Closinhg the Malls In 15? O_o

Yeahhhh Ive just got one tini tiny thing to admit..iam such a tart

serious! Some friends call me "froot loops" cos im just so into shopping for new stuff and crack a big stink if i cant find anything for tonights party! That kinda thing lol

also i can be  tart cos i dont always know whats going on..
If a cute guys checking me out..ill just "huh?" X3

The worst thing is that some people take first look at me, and judge me staright away on how i act..
Iam very kinki, and kinda flirty.. (when i like a guy)
But..that doesnt mean im a street walker..or even a tease..
sometimes i get that..
I dont mean to be a tease to some of the just playing hard to get thats all..promise!!

Yeah and that thing about not being the smartest tool in the shed..
Hmm well net time you go shopping ask yourself this..

"How long do i have to wait after my perm to have a shower?"

whilst holding a new hair colour in your hand...

would your boyfriend know? would your sister know? would you know???

THIS could save your life!! serious!

Its fun ebing a get to be childish..and realy..who wants to grow old and be an boring old fart anyways

I do not act my age..thats for sure..i dont look my age either which is ok i gues..kinda sucks when i go clubbing though..they still ask me for ID grrr..
Im a child at heart...always..I see everything as one big giant cartoon movie..
its fun being me hehehehe...
Natz Natz
22-25, F
3 Responses Jun 8, 2007

oh but the spiral perm!! what a wonderful thing that was. ya know back in the 80's...the era of the BIG hair lol

48 hours is recommended for shampooing and 7 days is recommended prior to highlighting/coloring.<br />
<br />
I've had ONE perm my whole life and it was such an awful experience I'll never forget all the 'suggestions' ...

So just how long <i>do</i> I have to wait after my perm to have a shower???<br />
<br />
Knowledge-tease! ;)