I Think Everyone Can Be.

I dont class myself as having two sides to me or anything like that.
I was talking to a friend of mine one night, about this kind of thing, and he said that he does not believe that it is possible to be human if you do not have an angry/agressive or dark side to yourself. What he ment was that you can only truely be good if you know you have a bad side but can controll it. Or you can not be truely Bad if you havnt learned to keep the good side hidden/locked away and contolled.
We got talking onto times when our "Dark sides" Have accedently overcome our better judgement, and this included many violent actions or moments of sheer incapibility to controll our actions. But it was only after talking about these times, that we realised all of these actions had been triggered by a friend or loved one being treated unfairly or with agression. For exmple if someone hurts our friends or loved ones it is only natural to instantly want to defend them, however when you have the inability to controll them then you have a problem... My friend explained how when this strength and darkness takes hold of him, he simply goes blind to all sense of right and wrong. And the only thing that helps him to stop is by remembering who he is doing it for, and listening to their reactions.
My experiences havnt been as wild as his, and only include accedently sending out negative energys or curses to people who have hurt my family..Which i feel guilty about later on. But when i was younger my actions were slightly more reckless and to this day still make me feel somewhat ashamed..But it is this recognition in the afterwards moments, that remind me of who i am, and what i stand for. Therefore even though i know i have this "Dark side" That i can use at will, i maintain the ability to controll it and therefore class myself as being a light worker, and a good person.
However no one is perfect, but who can blame us in todays world ?
Love and Light x
RelmsOfLight RelmsOfLight
18-21, F
Mar 23, 2011