So basically my mom was driving, and she took us to a burger-king drivethru. Naturally, I was bored outta my mind. Being immature/impulsive as I am, I ended up with the idea while she was ordering to moan like a girl having sex. I do it realistically only because I have heard a lot (Thank you internet). Point is, I ended up doing it at the drive thru ordering area, and my mom rapidly turned her head towards me as I was still doing it saying "Oh god... yes!" and started punching me in the shoulder hard repeatedly to get me to stop while I was laughing my ****ing *** off. She finished ordering, and we get to the window. This guy was blushing like hell. He sees us pull up and you could just see the complete confusion in his eyes when he sees this 46 year old woman restraining herself from laughing out of embarassment and trying not hit me more as best she can while I am still trying to stop laughing.We got our order and left. it has been a fond memory ever since. (The only reason I share this is because it's anonymous to others, and because I still think it's hilarious)
Zapxbolt Zapxbolt
18-21, M
Aug 20, 2014