Who Would Want To Be The Same

It would be a very dull and boring world to live in if everyone was the same. That's why everyone is different  to make the world a better place for each other. They make your life a little brighter each day.
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That is wonderful Wildflower62.

I agree with you. We are all very unique in our own way. I enjoy meeting new and interesting people, I learn so many new and exciting things. I have meet this awesome man and he and I come from two different world, but he is just the sweetest most generous man. But we also do have a lot in common.

Great attitude to have MaKLoren.

i know how to be different.. i know how to be UNIQUE in the way that nobody can change me... i love my self... i don't want to be changed by anybody...

I agree ceywat. Thanks for the comment.

Your friend most likely does not think of you as a boring person jazzMe. Thanks for the comment

agree!<br />
<br />
I'm such a boring person, so if my friend is just like me we are never going to have a single fun day in our lives.. :)

I do agree some people find it hard to support those who are different. I do my best to be friends with everyone. Thanks for the comment

The differences exist only in the mental of people.<br />
And there is the source of the intolerance.<br />
People accept easily that every flower has a different color, that every animal or different from the other one, but do not support that their neighbor is different from them the same !<br />

Thats good, thanks for the comment.

I agree whole heartedly1

You are so right about that.Thank you for the comment.

We are all supposed to want universal peace and happiness, thus paving the way for universal welfare and prosperity for all with robust health and bright future. Let such noble thoughts come to us frequently from different directions......................................:)

One does need to be careful and it does broaden ones horizons.Thank you both for your comments.

dc, I am friends with you and you are totally different than me. Well kinda.. lol

You know the ole saying..."Birds of a feather flock together". Well, it's interesting to meet new and different people...it will broaden you horizons if you let it. :-) dc

I too can be friends with anyone totally different than me but in this days and age, I have to be careful.

Thats for sure sendittome,your welcome.

Its nice to know I can brighten your day Cac45, its hard on me sometimes when I am not sure if your joking or really serious.

I have seen your fans,friends and you are nothing like what I thought you would be.<br />
You are different and you make my day brighter when I need a friend to talk with.

I would hate to live in a world like that. Thanks for the comment.