Woo. Yeah, Diversity!

When I go to make friends, I often find myself picking people from all over the social maps. I think it's cuz I use my sense of humor to get people to relax and talk with me. I think I've had a friend in every social category at one point or another. I've had fun with them all. Just like different genres of music, they've all go something to offer. (Some more than others. Some kids have lifestyles that make them just too stoned too often.)
I don't know what to qualify myself as, because I've adapted a bit of everything. I guess the social group I fit in with the most would be a nerd. I get the closest to my nerdy friends, even though I care less about rules and hate math more than they do. They pick up what I put down. And all the nerds don't mind that I'm a bit off my rocker. Whereas, when you're hanging out with the kids who think they're cool, you have to suppress your urges to burst with laughter at the things you're thinking. That's no fun.
I usually end up befriending people with lifestyles no where near mine and it's quite refreshing. It's nice to know there's bits of me that are compatible with many different people. Although, it is hard when there's no group that I can fit into completely.
I think having a good dose of difference between you and your friends is good. Like chocolate and peanut butter.
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oooh chocolate and peanut butter... good analogy.<br />
<br />
although sometimes I run into chocolate and beets, and then I part ways.

good tactic

It is good to hear that someone thinks it is OK to be different or be the same and still have value. Every one has value. Kuddos to you.

this is a very healthy outlook to take on life.<br />
I am confident it will serve you well in many ways.