I have a friend that is everything I am not and it was okay `till now. She just came back after being to boarding school and she `ve changed alot .Now she has some behaviours that I dislike. She`ve dated almost all the guys about her age in town and gained a reputation( I don`t know how to make her understand it is not a good thing -every time I tell her about that she says that for her it is allright and at least she`s popular, also when I am talking about the number of guys she`ve dated which is over 40 and she`s 15...she tells me that the more the better and I can not argue because I am 18 and had no real relationship... ).
Also I can not trust her anymore becaouse she told some of my secrets to people I actually dislike; it almost got me in trouble. Though she knows my problems and my values and opinions about stuff she still wants me to get drunk with her to have boyfriends and doesn`t listen to me anymore etc.

I don`t know if I can be friends with her anymore ... I need help...tell me am I wrong and what should I do???
meiai meiai
18-21, F
Apr 18, 2012