It's The Diferences That Make It Interesting

I'm consider myself pretty easygoing and open minded,and am friends with basically anyone that wants to be friends.All different ages ideas,persuasions,whatever.With a few of my closest friends,though,we're complete opposites on a lot of things,and although we don't get angry or argue,we enjoy discussing and calmly debating different ideas,in fact have changed each other's minds on many things.
Seems like the people I don't get along with are mainly political extremists,left or right,they're too closed minded and can't toerate differing ideas,and,though it might sound odd to some,people that are too much like me.
Sure,there's always some similar interests,but it's the differences and the open-mindedness to talk about them without a blowup,that keep life interesting.
Arginis Arginis
51-55, M
1 Response May 11, 2012

Great story.