Sisters . Friends . And Boyfriend !

well you have got to love your friends they are always there for yu when yu need them most! like when i was going threw alot of drama at school i got pulled in to that i didnt wanna be in ! and one of the ppl that was there the most is my best frend morgan tehe love yu girly !  and sisters yea we have our times ( allison) lol but yu no i love yu ha and im stronger than yu !! and nicole yu one person i can also tll everything to you no wat im talking about only yu no (shhhh our secret) lol love yu ... and a lil about my self i have 6 sisters but only 2 real but i count them all has real and one step brother.. and last but not least my wonderful boyfriend cody we always get threw wat were going threw and i try to tell yu everyday yu are loved and cared about ( even if yu dont wanna hear it)  ha i love yu!!
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Great story.