And There We Were.. Like The Island Of Misfit Toys Xd

A short petite girl; blonde and dressed like a barbie doll, a gentle giant wearing glasses, and a humorous t-shirt, A punk/gothic girl, A taller, big boned girl with wild curls, and a young spirited, boyish butch lesbian.

We were all completely different in every way, We all had our own different tastes in clothing, music, we all looked like we ought to be in a different high school clique. We defied the odds. We had an amazing dynamic and I miss it all the time =) But things change, we get older, we drift apart. 

I think opposites attract personally.

I have always been close friends with people who are extremely tall, and i stand about 5 feet tall.
I am an optimist and I seem to attract people that are more negative spirited.
Most of my friends and I experience a yin and tang effect. We are different in a way that makes us a perfect match.

Then they are miserable, I can always cheer them up and make them think positive.
When I am acting a little too wild or coming up with ridiculous ideas, they are my voice of reason. 

I have always loved meeting different types of people, I am always curious about new types of people. 
I think it really makes you grow as a person when you learn about and form bonds with so many different types of people =)
It's a satisfying feeling
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i agree with you on that. even my sister and i, we're the closest friends ever, and when i'm acting really depressed and stuff which happens a fair bit she makes me stop, and when she's being all lazy and not motivated which happens sometimes too, i motivate her to do what she's gotta do. and you know, when i'm shy she makes me be more out going and when she's doing stuff that's just crazy i make her calm down a bit. it works perfectly.

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Ahem. *grabs back cool demeanor*<br />
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Yes.. your write up is so true. I have some friends who are polar opposites of me. Vive la différence.

haha thanks for reading =D and taking my comment-ginity lol!! (you're my first comment)
;D hehe!

Aww yay! Welcome to EP... you'll find the more you write and comment the more comments you'll get as well. Cute story :)

thanks =D yeah i can definitely see myself getting addicted reading the stories on here for hours xD