Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover.

The title pretty much sums it up.

Growing up, mostly due to my ignorance, I judged others off of rumors and sayings - especially in junior high/high school. It wasn't until I realized I was a "minority within a minority" and how hypocritical I was: being Asian AND gay. Who am I to judge?

Anyway, I regret being the person I was in high convinced and swayed by other misunderstood preconceptions.

Now, thanks to my maturity and growth, I have an eclectic group of friends. I don't like to label, so I'm not going to go into that, but I have friends who are also in the LGBT community, the so-called popular kids, the bookworm, the tattoo and piercings guy/girl, the friend from Germany, friends I've met online, the 40-year old grad student...heck, I've even befriended a guy who got out of prison. The more surprising ones include the people I hated in high school.

I've learned not to judge others from past actions. In return, I've learned so much about life by being around them, and more importantly, of myself. Some of my greatest friends are the ones who I would've never talked to back in high school. I'm glad my superficial days are actually dissipating slowly.
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That is so great to hear. Some people never make it to this level of maturity.

That's really great. I think people change with time also. So just because you might not have got along with someone in the past, doesn't mean it's not worth a shot today.