Accepting Others For Who They Are

I think without diversity in this world, it would be a pretty boring place. If everyone did and liked the same things, would be like talking to yourself. I like meeting people from totally different backgrounds and lifestyles..As long as they are not harming others, I say live and let live. That's one of the wonders of the internet is you can be friends with anyone around the world, and even though we are all different in very many aspects, we still need the same basic things, love, respect, and companionship
Mountaingirl07 Mountaingirl07
51-55, F
1 Response Sep 13, 2012

for depressive, misanthropic people, it's especially hard to be accepted as-is by anyone.

Hard but not impossible. You are a very unique and gifted woman. I love reading your stories as you really have a way with words.