in my life I have had several good women friends...but have always maintained that I would hate to live in a society where the men and women are basically segregated...then I went to prison...and in my ten years there I made wonderful friends who are all very different from each other...different from me...we all bonded and made a "family" of sorts...we help each other, encourage each other and understand each other...I find it outstanding that I went to prison and found people who I wouldnt want to be without in my life...not all of them know each other *I was there longer than most* and not all of them like each other...but we all share a common bond through our experience in that place and they all love me and I them...and so I am excited today for everyone to turn out and say goodbye to me...and even the few who have never been to prison I met through people I knew the end we all have very different lives than we had in that place but across the board my friends do the right thing and have lives they can be proud of despite the stigma we all deal with and that makes us stronger and more determined than most...
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Great story. Thanks for sharing it.

I totaly agree with you.
I have had a similar experience!

Life is very, very real. We are truly along for the ride. We can celebrate the best and learn from the rest.

May the road rise up to meet you, pix. generally does and I am so darn clumsy I usually trip *wink* but it makes my journey interesting anyway * mischievous pixie grin*