My First Year

In the second semester of my first year, I took a course in the history of Israel. I was the only African American student in the room, yet I was mostly unaware. But as other students came in, they asked me if I was sure that I was in the right room.  I was like, no, this is a history class.  I didn't get that they were surprised to see me there.  And they probably thought I was looking for the Africana studies department, in which I was also taking a course.  It took about two days for me to figure that they were all orthodox Jews and thought it unusual that I would take an interest in their history.  Also my views were very much to the left of theirs, but they got used to me.  I actually became very close to one of the students who was a NY Jets fan.  we got along really well, as long as we stuck to sports and parts of life other than politics.
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Nice story, but I am still uncomfortable with labeling black people as "African Americans." I don't like to make assumptions about where someone is from just by the color of their skin.

funny how we can be ourselves if we stop looking at color....